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Submit Proposals

This year our conference presenters will pre-record their presentations as digital stories or posters to be featured in the conference online gallery. Each presenter will also have their own page featuring an abstract and their digital submission. Conference attendees will be able to visit the gallery, asynchronously, once registration opens on April 23.

Please submit a proposal to provide a ten minute or less video of your presentation. Video presentations can be captured in your preferred tool (e.g. Panopto, Adobe Spark, narrated PowerPoint, etc.). If you are on campus, this is a great opportunity to make use of a One Button Studio to film yourself in presentation action. The services of the ATI Media Studio are also available to help you make effective use of your time in a One Button Studio or to put finishing touches on your presentation.

Conference coordinators will upload finished mp4 files to Panopto Recordings associated with the conference site hosted in ELMS-Canvas.  Remember, conference participants learn not only about the successes of their peers, but also from the challenges that were experiences, and the outright failures and lessons learned.

The DIT Learning Technology Design team will provide coaching on the use of Panopto or Adobe Spark via Zoom to presenters whose proposals are accepted, as requested.

Please direct your questions about the conference to itl-coords@umd.edu.

We can't wait to see what you've been up to this past year! 

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